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You are strong, savvy and bold.

You are vivacious, audacious and confident.

You are a boundary breaker, a change maker and a risk taker.

You are passionate, kind and complex.

You have goals to reach and people to teach.

You understand your feminine side and are fascinated by it.

You are driven to transform the world.

You know your limits and expect to push them even further.

You are a survivor, a warrior and a lady-boss.

You are continually reaching for the best version of yourself.

You acknowledge when wrong, restore your integrity when needed and know when to move on.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

You are a powerful woman leader!

At the same time, it can be lonely at the top...

Women are not wired to do great things alone, we love to share, support and feel supported.

If the above is who you are (most of the time) and you’d like it to be all of the time

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We are an exclusive, dynamic global sisterhood of world changers.

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We are successful women who have walked in your shoes and will help you wear any shoes you want.

We are savvy women who know how to bring you back to yourself—if ever you get lost.

We are your friends—we’re here to uplift, support and inspire you.

We are mentors who empower each other to even greater heights.

We are compassionate, accomplished and powerful women leaders in business, government, education and the non-profit sector.

We are willing to do what others are not, even when—and maybe most especially when—the right thing might not be what’s popular.

We are a catalyst for positive change in the world; resulting in a better world for all of us.

We believe in helping you expand your positive impact in the world.

We envision a world of empowered women stepping into the leaders that you are, while living authentic and inspiring lives.

We help you use your innate gifts to expand your leadership roles.

We offer you powerful connections with other powerful women leaders around the world and their causes, projects and organizations.


We provide opportunities for you to develop and expand your own gifts and skills as a leader.

We embrace our femininity and show it to the world.

We demonstrate a positive example for other women around the globe.

We play, travel and have fun adventures knowing this only makes us better leaders.

We are your sisters...we are YOU!

We are the Global Sisterhood of Powerful Woman Leaders!

Want to be a part of a circle of high-achieving, powerful women who share your ideals, dreams and aspirations?

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Global Sisterhood of Powerful Women Leaders

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